Six coffees a day ‘can cut risk of multiple sclerosis’ by 30%

A study of nearly 7,000 people found that people saw their risk of the condition drop by 30 per cent if they drank more than 900ml of coffee a day.

That volume, contained in six small cups, may seem a lot, but it is also the equivalent of just two

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Avoid the rays look 20 years younger

Forget glugging countless glasses of water or getting your beauty sleep. The secret of looking young is simply to stay out of the sun.

A study of hundreds of women has revealed that those who avoided the sun’s rays looked up to 20 years younger

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Zika virus ‘could be rife within Southern US by spring’, experts warn

Experts warn Zika virus could be spreading within the US by April or May Warmer temperatures, the local mosquito population multiplying and more travelers returning from affected regions, could trigger the spread Warn traditional method of killing pests, fumigation, does not work against the Aedes aegypti mosquito that carries Zika Instead pesticides must be sprayed […]

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‘Nothing justifies an abortion’: Brazilian Catholic archdiocese says women should not use any method of birth control to combat spread of Zika virus

Women in countries hit by Zika virus have been advised to not have sex  Using contraception or having abortions would stop virus spreading from women to babies, who are born with small heads and undersized brains  But most of the Southern and Central American countries hit are Catholic  Church does not allow birth control and […]

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